Bob Haughian - singer/ songwriter

Inspired by his father, hundreds of hours of hanging out at campfire singalongs and an overall Irish passion to just tell some good stories about his life and the day-to-day lives of others, Bob has been writing prolifically for years. His stories and ballads talk about relationships, the sea, bygone times, friends, family and just about anything else that has a story to tell!

His music has been embraced regularly on independent radio from Western to Maritime Canada and from as far south as  Florida to Texas.

THE Band - An eclectic fun group of lovers of music

What do you get when you mix:

- a keyboardist, fiddle player, accordionist that veers towards jazz but plays country
- an Albanian classically-trained orchestral bassist
- a drummer – who uses two fishing poles for drumsticks
- a country/rock/blues guitar picker

- a sensitive, new-country/Irish/Ottawa Valley vocalist

- a trumpet blowing, keyboard playing female vocalist

- a Musical mis-Director – jack of all trades, master of absolutely none, trained ethnic-percussionist, frustrated closet, geetar player


…........ well, that gives you The Bob Haughian Band – celtic-country rockers (with a touch of folk... oh, did we mention jazz?)



Doug Slone - The one who uses all ten fingers

Doug has over 30 years of performance experience in many different music genres (folk, jazz, latin).  He howls on the piano, accordion, keyboards and violin (or as we prefer to call it  - a fiddle).


His first musical influences were deeply rooted in eastern European gypsy music, and he uses this as a segue into minor mode idioms found in traditional folk, jazz and celtic music. Translation: He REALLY plays the heck out of our blend of celtic-country!

Darrell Medaglia - the fishing drummer

Our rock-steady drummer has been ‘around the block’. With over 30 years as a professional musician, he brings a tremendous depth of experience to the stage. Darrell has played with some of Canada's best, including RCA recording artists Al Cherny, Julie Lynn, Dick Damron and Roy Warhurst. Darrell has had the pleasure of working with Terry Tufts and Lynn Miles, The Great Divide, Walking Wounded, The Regulators, Stripes, The Legend Band, 4 On The Floor, Full Bleed, Hooker and Spinal Sap, and several other bands. He likes to play in the Bob Haughian Band because we carry his drums for him.

Ardi Balca - keeping the bottom

Emanating from Albania, schooled in classical double-bass, Ardi has taught the history/theory of classical music, taught violin and bass to school children, organised song festivals and performed in numerous concerts as a bass player and orchestra coordinator. We stuck an electric bass in his hands and after wondering what those frets were for, numerous callouses and adjusting to the fact that he didn’t need to play it with a bow anymore….. he is the bottom-end foundation for our groove.

Greg Patten - "Where'd he go?"

Whether plucking a banjo, acoustic or electric guitar, Greg adds a foundation of good old rockin' rhythm….. and he's been known to throw a few vocal harmonies into the mix!


Of course, you'll have to watch very carefully because, with the nickname "Swoosh" he is the world's quickest set-up and tear-down artist. 




Sarah Nickerson - "Love hard, laugh often"

Sarah adds gentle, melodic harmonies to make us all sound better. 

Emily Bellman - "From Classical to Country"

Sometimes life just isn't fair.

While most of us struggle to play a three-note guitar chord with our arthritis-prone fingers, Emily is a concert trumpet player who just as easily sits down and pounds out a jazz tune on the piano. And, of course, she is the hauntingly beautiful female voice on our CD "Home".

Robert Libbey - Musical Mis-Direction, Band personal sommelier

Robert is the band’s musical mis-director, guitarist and self-appointed band sommelier. He has performed a broad range of music styles over the past 30 years during which time, he's created new & unique projects based on cross-cultural collaborations. He has worked in dance, theater, film, and performance music. He has composed and produced innovative music and soundscapes for numerous film/play scores and multi-media performances, toured extensively internationally and appeared on over 100 different records. The thing he most enjoys most about music is the beer.

Join us at the Canadian Tulip Festival

Enjoy the outdoor, lakeside festival atmosphere, millions of tulips and lots of music. We have a special spring set-list planned that'll keep you hopping!

Fri May 16 5:30-7pm

See details in BHB Calendar >>

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'Home' CD now available on ITunes and CD Baby

Separate Vacations - Bob Haughian

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