The Bob Haughian Band plays Canadian Tulip Festival

Fri May 16        5:30 - 7pm


The Bob Haughian Band

This incredible Ottawa, Ontario area singer/songwriter plays an eclectic blend of rocking celtic-country with a twist of folk! Story-telling, soul-searching lyrics supported by gripping melodies define Bob’s style. There is passion in the voice and in the songs. There is vulnerability. There is a heck of a lot of fun!


Just when you think you have the music style figured out…. some piece of ‘ear candy’ will hit you out of nowhere. Don’t try to label it – that’s why we call it 'Celtic-country rock with a twist of folk'. We can’t figure it out either. It’s just good music. Lay back and enjoy the stories and sounds.


We hope you enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoyed making it for you.


Join us at the Canadian Tulip Festival

Enjoy the outdoor, lakeside festival atmosphere, millions of tulips and lots of music. We have a special spring set-list planned that'll keep you hopping!

Fri May 16 5:30-7pm

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FolkWords reviews new album

"If you like folk with a distinct rocky edge added to a miscellany of influences then this is for you. Me, I loved it."  Tom Franks of 'FolkWords'

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FolkWorld - Home of European Music- Album Review

 A recent review in the international Folkwords magazine described the BHB music as having “both energy and heart..... with plenty of roots showing.”

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'Home' CD now available on ITunes and CD Baby

Separate Vacations - Bob Haughian

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