At -30 degrees, it was the coldest night of the decade and we're loading into The Rainbow - a legendary blues club in downtown Ottawa. It may have been frigid outside but it was cooking inside! For those of you who didn't throw off your cosy blankets to brave the storm, we thought we'd post some of the night's memories for you. Thanks so much to Ryan Libbey and Jesse Millest for all their amazing video and still camera work.

The Band turns on the heat:

Bob, Cyndi & Ardi start to boil:

Bob warms up his vocal cords:

Mark: "How come I get stuck back here in the closet? At least there's no breeze!"













                             Darrel - "I'm so cold I'm just going to use one stick"

Doug and Mark are staying warm backstage:

Cyndi and Doug were cooking!

The WIND was howling............

Somehow.... this made it all worth it!

You can watch additional videos of the evening:

(1)  Other Side of Town - Irish ballad rock

(2)  Katie - jigging along the ocean shore with my love

(3)  One Rock - Aboriginal tribute

(4)  Home  - seafaring sailor longs for his sweetheart on shore

(5)  So Long - a rocking night closer



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